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Science and technology

Science and technology is mandatory for all students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

In science and technology, students explore the natural and made worlds. They learn how to apply scientific and technological skills, knowledge and understanding across a broad range of contexts.

Science provides a way of inquiring about the world around us. It explores evidence and investigates ways to discover, develop and produce solutions to real world problems. The inquiry and skill-based nature of science opens doors to ideas and discoveries.


Students at Tomerong Public School participate in a weekly science program. Science week is always an exciting time.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 enjoy activities that involve the teaching and learning of science and technology.  Through this program students gain knowledge, understanding and skills in investigating scientifically and designing and producing projects about the natural and made environments.  Students select and safely use equipment, computer-based technology and other resources throughout the processes of investigation.


New and fast developing technologies provide exciting and interesting tools to the ever-changing methods of educating students.

All our classrooms have a set of IPads which utilise our campus wide wireless internet. Each classroom has a number of computers and all classes utilise our fully equipped computer lab.

As well as day to day technology, students receive regular lessons in coding, including using our Sphero Bots.  

The internet is accessed and monitored through the Department of Education's Secure Internet Browser.  

Our students have access to a wide range of technology including:

  • Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms
  • Ipads in all classrooms
  • Green screens
  • Sphero Bots
  • Desktop and laptop PCs in our classrooms and computer lab.