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Staff Picks

Mrs Baxter

  • Show your kids old photos or photo albums, then share stories about them and maybe even sort your photos out together. 

  • Learn a dance with your family. Either teach an old dance you know or search “Just dance “ to find a dance to learn together. Maybe you could video the dance and share with other family or friends.

  • Create a treasure hunt with clues for kids, then get the kids to create a treasure hunt for the adults or siblings.

Miss Beal

  • Go camping inside. Set up a tent or sheets to create a fort to sleep under. Relax in sleeping bags. Watch a movie and eat popcorn with your family. Sleep in your tent/fort overnight.

  • Have some bubble fun. Cut the end off a soft drink bottle and stretch/attach a sock to the end (tight). Dip in a bucket of dishwashing liquid and blow into the bottle. Make a mess everywhere with the foaming bubbles that come out of the sock. It is so much fun. You could even add some food colouring (just a little) to make your bubbles colourful. 

Mrs Darby

  • Get a piece of paper, a pencil and sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature and free draw or colour in.

  • Sit under a tree, in the garden or on a picnic rug outside and read a good book. You might even like to read it to your pet or some flowers in your garden. 

  • Ask mum or dad to teach you a game that they enjoyed playing when they were your age… I loved marbles, elastics and Uno. 

Mrs Dilley

  • Star Gazing night in the backyard, you can download apps onto your phone. Sit outside on camping chairs, snuggle up in a sleeping bag, take some treats outside, maybe some hot chocolate and popcorn.

  • Learn a new skill - How to knit, crochet or french knitting. YouTube will help you with these. You could make yourself a scarf for winter.

  • Keep a tally of when community workers pass your house e.g the postman, garbage man, recycling truck etc. Write down the days and times they pass your house. When you are sure of the days and times… make little signs to hold up as they drive by e.g. “Thank you for helping keep us!” 

    Make sure you stay in your front yard if you are holding up a sign.

    You could keep a tally of how many times the community workers wave or beep their horn. You could share your tallies with your teacher when we return in Term Two.

  • There are lots of Nature Scavenger Hunts you can get from Pinterest etc. when you are going for a walk in your neighbourhood. 


Mrs Kelly

  • Take your dogs on a long beach or bush walk or even throwing the ball for them in the backyard.

  • For relaxation complete some colouring in pages or completing a challenging puzzle.

  • Play board games or card games (my favourites are Monopoly and UNO!) and do some gardening, maybe even create a simple veggie patch.

Mr Munn

  • Learn how to sew, knit, tie knots (not that I can sew or knit!) Lol

  • Restore an old piece of furniture 

  • Build something out of wood with mum or dad’s help

  • Help clean a part of the house

  • Get online and learn a new skill e.g an instrument, another language, video editing, etc.

Mrs Raymer

  • Read for pleasure

  • Complete some craft activities (use the internet to get ideas if you can)

  • Bake healthy treats

Mr White

  • Make and edit a video about yourself or look through old family photos and make a slideshow of photos about yourself or your family. 

  • Build a fort in the backyard or in your bedroom… with mum or dad’s permission of course! 

  • Help in the garden, plant a plant or seedling and care for it. Enjoy nature!

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